Project Prom is a chaperoned drug-­free and alcohol-­free lock in event held at The Main Event that runs immediately after prom until 5 a.m. the following morning. This long-standing tradition promotes a safe environment for the seniors of Langham Creek and their dates. Langham Creek is one of the only remaining Cy-Fair high schools to host a Project Prom event. In 2020 we’re anticipating over 450 young adults will attend this event.


Planning for 2021 is already underway and we want to provide you information about an amazing opportunity to get involved with LCHS Project Prom/Project Seniors 2021! What is Project Prom/Project Seniors? Project Prom is an after-prom event organized by Senior parents in collaboration with LCHS to ensure that our kids are in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment to continue the fun after prom. Project Prom, and all the amazing fundraisers leading up to the big event, have become part of LCHS and LOBO traditions that our Seniors look forward to as they close out their high school experience. When Covid-19 occurred this past Spring, both Prom and Project Prom were cancelled, but the fun did not stop, as Langham Creek High School organized the “Senior Sunset Parade”, and LCHS Project Prom worked in collaboration with LCHS to provide prizes, a DJ, decor, and FUN. The result was LCHS and Project Prom were able to provide the largest and BEST “Senior Sunset Parade” in the District!

We all remain hopeful that our Seniors will be able to experience prom this year, however, with the uncertainty related to Covid-19, we have made the decision to move forward with our plans for 2021 so that we can be involved in another outstanding “Senior Sunset Parade” for the class of 2021, hence the name change to Project Seniors! While the scheduling of prom will be decided later, there IS certainty on the ability to host another outstanding “Senior Sunset” event, should Prom not occur.